August 03, 2019

The Best Methods To Earn Free Robux On Roblox 2019

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The worlds’ leading free Roblox Hack

Almost every online game has exploits including the larger games such as Grand Theft Auto, these established games also struggle to patch and prevent cheaters as when a cheat is patched another is born. Here at "FreeRobloxHacker” we strive to be the best and that sometimes requires a lot of work to prevent it from becoming patched and easily detected not to mention being banned from the game, nobody wants that!If you play Roblox you’ll soon discover that your currency within the game is Robux and without it, you can struggle to grow and achieve greatness. Fortunately, we have created a free robux service for anyone to use. Furthermore, our team of developers test the Robux cheat every twelve hours checking its integrity and function. If there are any issues with the Roblox hack our team will disable the page until we get past their patch and then bring the hack back online once working again. This ensures that your account stays safe and prevents it from being banned.

A Bit About Us

We launched our website in 2019 as our previous one was removed by Roblox themselves due to copyright infringements, we have now got past that and are hoping we are here to stay this time. Our last release was very successful and was being used by around 2,000+ Roblox players each day, the best part of it being no one was BANNED! We now need to continue from where we left off and continue to provide top notch Roblox hacks to the players!Account safety is our top priority, it really is! So, we always make sure to test before we put the hack live, because of the way we send the packets of Robux to your account is almost impossible to detect by Roblox unless they change their whole system, which we can see happening in the future, but not just yet. Until then its FREE robux for everyone and almost RISK FREE! Take advantage of the opportunity you have like many of the thousands of players that already have.

You can Learn More Information About It Here

A small insight to how we reward you Robux:

We use state of the art technology to confuse the Roblox server into thinking every request we send to them is 100% genuine. We do not send false / fake data, we just alter their data to send the requested Robux to your account. We cannot go in to more detail as we do not want to put our free robux hack at risk of being pathed as a lot of companies make this mistake.

How To Claim Your FREE ROBUX

We have just three simple steps to follow when using our Roblox cheat, these our outlined below. Please DO NOT use the hack more than once in 24 hours, if you try our system will detect the username and reject your account for 7 days. This has been in place to prevent your Roblox account from being BANNED, its also in place to prevent our hack from being detected, we hope you understand.


Enter your username (name you use in game) and click submit, if your account was found it will continue to our package selection. Please ensure you enter the correct username as we only accept ONE attempt from your IP every 24 hours. Abuse of our system can lead to a seven day ban so please be respectful when using our service.


Once redirected to our package selection page you will see SMALL > LARGE quantities of Robux choose your desired package and click "Select Package”. We offer up to 22,500 Robux as this is the largest package Roblox officially sell, therefor we can only deliver what they offer, this is based of the way our system works.


You may be placed in to a queue depending on our service load, you can either wait or come back later when it dies down a bit. Once you pass the queue depending on your location and IP background you may be asked to complete a human verification, not only does this prove your not a bot it kills the number of simultaneous deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

I followed all the steps and haven’t received my Robux?

Always make sure when entering your username you check the spelling, it’s very easy to make this mistake, you will be surprised how many customers we have contacting us with this issue only to find that they had a small spelling mistake, secondly we would advise waiting around 2 HOURS before contacting us, either use our Online support or if unavailable use our Contact Form.

Error "Username not found” issue

If you receive this message when entering your username please check the spelling of your username, do NOT use uppercase, please only use lower case. If you are sure that you have entered your username correctly, please try clearing your cache and trying again, if the issue persists please contact our support [HERE] who will look in to the issue for you.

How often is your Robux hack tested for functionality?

Since we were taken down by Roblox due to Copyright infringements we have done everything in our power to come back stronger and for longer! We test the hack every twelve hours, as you can see by the countdown on the homepage, testing takes around 10-15 minutes during the time the hack will be disabled so please be patient. Once the hack is back up and tested the timer is reset until the next test is due.

Why do you offer it for FREE, why don’t you charge?

Due to the nature of the hack if we were to charge, we would be breaking TOS of Roblox, we are unable to charge and earn for exploits. Yes, we could create a forum post and sell it there however we prefer to offer the service for free and sell advertising spots on our website for Roblox related servers and services etc.

How to get FREE Robux without cheating!

There is limited ways to be able to obtain Robux, however that’s not to say it’s not possible. Below we have outlined all of the options you have to gain Robux without cheating. There are only a few so it won’t take long to try them out and see how productive they are.

Join a Builders Club (BC)

Builders Club or (BC) is a premium membership status that grants Roblox users extra privileges within the game, these privileges cannot be obtained by non-builder clubs users. Users that are part of a Builders Club will receive daily Robux and have the ability to make shirts and pants, they may then sell them for Robux, or keep them as this gives them greater customisation ability over NON Builder Club users. There are three different levels of Builders clubs check out more information regarding Builders Clubs here.

Purchase Robux

The last and final option is to reach in to your pocket and purchase Robux directly from their website, yes this will cost you real life money, but you will not be cheating in anyway shape or form. This is the fastest and most secure way to obtain Free Robux, but also the least cost effective. We always recommend that you try to the legit ways first to see if you can obtain enough without using the cheat.

Sell Game Passes

Any user can sell game passes, however users that are part of a Builders Club receive 70% of the profit, if you are an active user and can sell a lot of passes, you will soon find out that making Robux this way can be quite rewarding.

Earn Robux by selling clothing

You can earn free Robux by paying to become a member, once a member of a Builders Club you will have the ability to sell clothing and earn 70% of the profit in comparison to non builders who receive 10% of the profit.Feel free to check out our latest arrival, our Roblox blog filled with vital information regarding Roblox updates / changes and of course new GLITCHES and EXPLOITS. Not only do we offer free roblox hacks we also show step by step guides on how to cheat / glitch within the game. Make sure you add us to your favourites and visit us regularly for up to date glitches that are not yet patched. We also update the post with [PATCHED] and [WORKING] so you know which ones to try and what not to.

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